Inside Windows Virtual Machine in Azure

by toni 12. June 2012 14:37

Support for persistent virtual machines in Azure was announced June 7 at  the Meet Windows Azure event which was streamed live. You can watch it here. You can also find information about pricing and management from the Windows Azure site.

For this post I created small VM (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, May 2012) using existing image from the azure gallery. I hosted the VM in the North Europe region. Below you can see some screenshots I took from the VM.

System Information


Task Manager



The local area connection is 10 Gbps but don’t expect to get that fast connection with outside world.


Disk space

There is plenty of space on main OS drive (remember that drive is also persisted into azure blob storage) as well as in the temporary storage. If you need more space you can attach virtual disks. Also note the virtual DVD drive and floppy disk.


Virtual Memory

The paging file is located different drive (D:, temporary storage). The performance was adjusted for “Background services” instead of “Programs” as it should be.


User Accounts, Firewall ,Windows Update, Time zone

There is only single user account “Administrator”. Guest account has been disabled.

Windows Firewall is on and Windows Update is configured to “Install updates automatically” every day at 03:00 AM. All users are allowed to install updates.

By default the server is in UTC time zone as it should be.

Ping and download speed

First we have test against server in Wichita, KS


Since the Azure Datacenter in “North Europe” is located in Dublin, Ireland I decided to run second test against server in Galway.


I’m located in Finland I wanted to know the bandwidth between VM and Finland. I started to download linux image from


The download speed (as displayed by IE) was between 2.80MB and 3.00MB/Sec.

First impressions

I had no problems managing the server through remote desktop. Connection was fast and everything seems to be in order.

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کلمه عبور را فراموش کرده ام. ثبت نام

It seem that microsoft azure works pretty well. Now i'm thinking about testing it for free for a time.

Sentimancho France
10/22/2012 8:54:25 PM #

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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